White Hart Hotel

The ghosts of the White Hart Hotel

A regular patron of the hotel bar had taken a liking to one of the maids- so much so that he returned to the bar every night just to talk to her. After plucking up the courage to finally ask her out, he was heartbroken when she flatly refused. In a spat of rage he waited until the maid he loved returned up the stairs to the hotel rooms and followed her.
In the middle of the corridor on the first floor, he stabbed her repeatedly in the face and left her to bleed to death.
The maids ghost can still be heard late in the night screaming and sobbing, and seen on her knees, shielding her face with her hands from her admirers deadly blows.

A recent customer of the White Hart Hotel was working late into the night in the bar. Finally, in the early hours of the morning, he retired to his room. After settling down into his bed, he heard footsteps and voices outside. The noise grew louder and louder, and began to sound like people were running up and down the corridor.
Annoyed, the guest left his room, walked down the empty corridor and reported the disturbance to the receptionist, who said he would look into it immediately for him.
The guest returned to his room, and was just about to climb into bed when he heard the same noises coming from the corridor. He was just about to reach for the door handle to leave his room again, when it began to twist, and the door began to rattle on its hinges violently.
Shocked, he flung the door open and stepped into the deserted corridor. He rushed back down to the receptionist and told him of the events. The receptionist apologized for the inconvenience, but didn’t have the heart to tell him that he was the only guest in the hotel-or that all the rooms in the hotel only had door handles on the inside…whatever was rattling the guests door wasn’t trying to get in-it was trying to escape.


The entrance of the White Hart Hotel, Lincoln

The entrace to the White Hart Hotel

Our experience at the White Hart Hotel

Sat in the Room Bar at the White Hart hotel, there is no feeling what so ever of any paranormal activity going on at the Hotel.
After being allowed to take a look through the corridors upstairs, there is still no feeling of any activity. All of the corridors are well lit, and it is hard to see how anyone could get spooked walking around them.
After asking some of the staff if they have had any paranormal experiences whilst working at the hotel, all of the answers were conclusive; none of them had felt or seen anything out of the ordinary around the building.
The history of this building may well precede it-there are many tales of old members of staff and guests haunting the rooms and corridors, however I found nothing to suggest that there is any proof of this.


The history of the White Hart Hotel

There has been an inn on the current White Hart Hotel’s site since 1460. However the oldest standing part of the building is the east wing, which was built in 1760.
Elements of the old buildings are still evident, including the entrance to the stables, where stagecoaches entered the hotel and the horses were allowed to rest. The old stables have since been renovated into the Orangery restaurant, but the huge gateway still stands to the left of the hotel.

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