The Lion and Snake


The Lion and Snake. Photographer: Lincolnian (Brian)

The Lion and Snake. Photographer: Lincolnian (Brian)

The Haunting of The Lion and Snake


The pub is said to be haunted by a Roman soldier in the Cellar. He is said to be a shy ghost and is seen now and again. People have reported hearing marching soldiers and the sounds of chariots whilst sat in the pub. This is a very common report in the uphill part of Lincoln.

The most well known ghost in the Lion and Snake is that named ‘the Granny with the bun.’ Owners have accepted her presence for over 30 years and believe she is harmless. She is regularly seen walking about in the upstairs quarters and when the residents squeeze against the wall to let her pass she simply acts as if they are not there. Dogs have been seen growling as if there was someone there in front of them, but there never is. In the 1980’s, a relief landlord reported leaving the bathroom in his towel only to see an old lady with a bun passing through the corridor. He lent fully against the wall to move out of her way and she continued past him. He later found out many others have seen the same thing and that the woman is in fact the pubs resident ghost.

Another story is that of an old man who can be seen enjoying a drink at the far end of the bar. Staff have been incredibly frustrated as when they attempt to get a closer look at him, he gets up and dissolves into the wall meaning no one can describe him in detail. All they know is that he looks dishevelled.


Our experience


I personally have not experienced anything strange at the Lion and Snake. The sound of horses and chariots however, does seem to be reported quite frequently in the Uphill part of Lincoln. Emily Toyne, 22, lived in a listed house on Raisen Lane for twenty years. She has claimed to have been woken up many nights by the sound of horse’s feet pulling a carriage along the cobbles. But when she looked out the window, the street was silent and nothing was to be seen. Her sisters both told her how they had seen a man sitting at the top of the stairs and were afraid to go to bed on their own.



The History of The Lion and Snake


The Lion and Snake is an ancient partly timber-framed pub that is said to be the oldest in the city and is grade II listed. It has been a licensed bar for over 600 years now and was in the centre of an old Roman colony. The property has had many names from 1649 when it was called the Ram, to the Earl of Scarborough’s Arms, the Red Lion and Snake and has been known as the Lion and Snake since 1834. Set in the historic area of Lincoln the pub sits between the Cathedral, Castle and the Roman arch. The area is riddled with underground Roman passageways and the ancient cities columns are still visible outside the pub today, along with the remains of a Roman well.

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